Features of The Belly Off Diet and Fitness Plan

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The Belly Off! Diet offers customizable menus and clearly defined food lists to support healthy weight loss and consistent muscle gain for men. You can also can customize the diet’s fitness plans. During this plan, you can enjoy easy-to-prepare foods, such as low-fat popcorn, lean meats, fruits, low-fat cheeses and sautéed vegetables.


The Belly Off! Diet includes three fitness plans. The initial Jumpstart program, which lasts four weeks, gets your body ready for more extreme training later in the program. The No-Gym Classic uses calisthenics and adjusts to accommodate your fitness level. The Dumbbell Blast, which is an eight-week program, focuses on calisthenics and dumbbell training.

Time Frame

The entire Belly Off! program is eight weeks, and the program is outlined clearly through a download, or purchase of the Belly Off! literature online or at your nearest bookstore. The fitness plans can be broken up as the Jumpstart, which is a four week initiation to the fitness program, followed up with the No-Gym Classic, or the Dumbbell Blast. If you are already in good shape, you can begin with the No-Gym Classic or Dumbbell Blast upon starting the Belly Off! program. For fitness enthusiasts, start with the Dumbbell Blast for the full eight week program.


The diet that is suggested with the Belly Off! diet is very open to customization by the participants. The key is adding substantial amounts of lean protein sources in place of traditional carbohydrate staples, such as cereal, crackers, breads and baked goods. The Belly Off! Diet also helps you understand your specific caloric needs, which are based on your height, weight, activity level and age.


The proponents of this diet and fitness plan suggest this lifestyle adjustment can help alter your body’s metabolism and health through a personal approach of eating, exercising and enjoying real food in a moderate way. Pizza, burritos and other common foods that have often been eliminated from dieting programs are included in delegated cheat days. These cheat days can help the dieters stay motivated and excited, while still achieving results. The theory of “cheat days” is to eliminate the feeling of deprivation, that often leads to the over consumption of not so healthy food items, suggests Shannon Clark, nutritionist and health expert. If you are looking to avoid the BIG mistakes 90% of people make when trying to lose weight sustainably and quickly, take a look at http://www.fitness-model-6pack-abs.com/The-Diet-Solution-Program-Review.html