Tips To Keep Your Diet and Fitness Program on the Right Track

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Trying and Failing with Your Fitness Program?

Nothing could be worse than trying and failing to get your body in shape. We have all started fitness programs all fired up and ready to rock and roll and finally get in shape. It does take an extreme amount of discipline to begin a fitness routine and stick to it. There are so many distractions in our modern world, with our busy and hectic schedules, it’s not easy to continue on a program for any length of time. Statistics show that over 50 percent of the people that start a fitness program do so on a whim with no firm commitment and drop out within the first six months.

How To Avoid Failing

You can avoid these typical failures by setting realistic goals for your self. If you want to gain better endurance, start walking a half a mile per day and gradually increase this distance in attainable increments. If you have a goal of how many pounds you would like to lose, set a realistic and attainable goal. The most important step is to be sure to write down your goals. This will symbolically set your goals in concrete.

Set Realistic Fitness Goals

Be sure that the goals that you set for yourself are attainable. If you want weight loss, set a goal of losing two pounds per week through a reduced fat diet and exercise. Two pounds per week is a very good weight loss goal. Anymore than that will make it more difficult to meet your goal and you may end up getting discouraged and quit on yourself.

Keep A Fitness Diary

Be sure that once you set your goal, you chart your progress on paper. Keep a fitness diary so to speak. Doing this will tell you where you were, where you are now, and where you are going, and where you may need to improve. You will need to bear in mind if you are trying to lose weight, do not weigh yourself everyday. Normal day to day fluctuations in body weight will occur, and you certainly do not want to get discouraged and end up abandoning your program. Once or twice per week ion the scale is reasonable.

Vary Your Exercise Program Day to Day

Another tip that will help in maintaining your program is to keep your fitness workouts as varied as possible. Exercising is great for your health and diet, but only if continued on a regular basis. If you do not vary your routines, you may end up getting bored, and this is just another reason to end your program. One thing you may want to consider is getting a program setup at your local gym, or maybe even contact a personal trainer. They will be able to set up a fitness program tailored exactly to your needs without over taxing you.

A Friend Can Be A Good Thing

One other tip that will certainly help you in making your fitness program more enjoyable is to do it with a friend. Of course, this could also be detrimental in that if your friend ends up quitting on you, you may no longer be motivated enough to go it alone. There you have it, a few good tips to make your diet and fitness program a success.