Top Tips For Weight Control, Diet And Fitness

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What no fail top tips are there for losing weight and keeping it off forever? What fitness tips are really going to improve your body? What diet advice can you stick to?

Well, there are a lot of things you can do and some take more effort than others, but if you want a good fitness tip, this is a top one.

Commit yourself to some form of regular exercise 6 times a week for at least 30 minutes a day. An hour is better. Surely you are worth an hour of body and mind maintenance 6 times a week? If you allow yourself to enjoy your exercise, you are going to tone up and slim down. Your skin will glow (no, not just from sweating, but from good health as well) and you will melt away plenty of the stresses of modern life as well as your unwelcome fat deposits by using this one fitness tip.

Just 1 hour a day – what a bargain. You can go to the gym or swim or jog or play tennis, but the easiest, most convenient, most successful weight control exercise on the planet is walking. Get walking; you’ll feel fitter and healthier in just a few days. After a few weeks, you will look forward to your walk and after a few months it’ll be an excellent habit.

Best diet advice? Tricky, there is so much you can do, but it really is all related to one simple little mathematical formula that we would all like to prove wrong. Sadly this formula is as true and strong as “what goes up, must come down” – hey this could be your new weight control mantra!

Anyway, I digress. The frustrating little formula is – weight loss (or gain) equates to calories in minus calories out. Or, to put it in the vernacular “You wear what you eat (on your hips, belly, multiple chins and thighs mostly).

So the best diet advice I can give you is to watch what you eat. Know what constitutes a good balance of fats, carbs and proteins. Know what your nutritional requirements are for your body frame and height and feed yourself according to your body’s needs, not according to your brain’s whims.

You can get fit without losing weight by taking up regular exercise on an almost daily basis without altering your current diet. Not the best fitness tip. You can become slim without body tone by starving your body into submission. Poor diet advice.

The 2 best things you can do for your loyal, long suffering body from this point on is to get some regular exercise that you can learn to enjoy and to eat well by fueling your body with the nutrition it deserves.